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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 20 Questions

1. What type of business do you have?
A silk floral business. I have designed Star-Buds By Ann. A very unique floral corsage with 100 uses.

2. What is the purpose of this business?
To bring a unique product to the world that makes people happy to have.

3. What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence?
A little love in every way is a Star-Bud every day.

4. What is your reason for starting your own business?
I started after an accident while I was getting well. I like to design and it was good for me to get well with.

5. What is your product or service?
Silk floral corsages, wreaths, baskets, country bottles, Star-Pots, Star Pillows, hats, butterflys, Sachets, all year round.

6. Could you list three unique benefits of your products?
Corsages to wear or use 100 ways. Home Decor, all kinds—Weddings, Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween.

7. Do you have datasheets, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press releases or other documentation about your product/service?
Yes, I design all cards, flyers, brochures. I do all my own photos. I have all original sketches, order forms, etc.

8. What is the product application?
To make people happy, with a unique gift line of silk florals, that nobody has done before.

9. What led you to develop your product?
When I designed the first Star-Bud, I began to make other things that they could go into and have many uses for.

10. Is this product or service used in connection with other products?
No, it is used only in my company.

11. List the three objections to buying your product/service immediately?
I need more ways to expand, such as the Internet. I seem to have no more objections.

12. When will your product be available?
At all times.

13. Who is your target audience?
Everyone – My Star-Buds reach 100 ways. All ages, from children to Great Grandparents.

14. Who is your competition?
I have no competition – I only design Star-Buds.

15. How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?
It is a different kind of corsage nobody has had before.

16. What is the pricing of your product versus your competition?
I price all of Star-Buds. I have no competition. I try to price them so everyone can have them.

17. Are you making any special offers?
Yes, now and then for weddings, crafts shows, special occasions.

18. What plan do you have for advertising and promotions?
Mail order, the internet, newspapers, word of mouth, flyers, brochures, shows.

19. How will you finance company growth?
As I grow and develop Star-Buds, I will expand, hire more people. I have always run my own company and will continue to do so with my people and manufacturing.

20. Do you have the management team needed to achieve your goals?
I now have 2 cutters and 2 salesgirls. As I grow with my company, I plan to hire good honest people to grow with me and stay with me as a part of my company. I will hire people to help with finances, accounts, and all Star-Bud contracts. Also, for advertising, marketing and promotion and in the future be able to run my company with ease and enjoy Star-Buds Company as part of their lives.

I have a product of many uses. I wont ever lower the "quality" of my Star-Buds when I go into production, I will personally inspect all, before they leave my company. They will be made and manufactured as I design them and made them to be. Everlasting,  as my slogan says – "A Little Love in Every Way, is a Star-Bud Every Day.